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CPC magazine praises reform, opening-up policy

Tuesday's edition of Qiushi (Seeking Truth), the flagshipmagazine of the Communist Party of China (CPC), will include an article calling forfurther implementation of the country's reform and opening-up policy.

Titled "Sparing no effort to push forward reform and opening up," the article quotesCPC Central Committee General Secretary Hu Jintao's speech July 23, saying Huunderscored the significance of the policy on building socialism with Chinesecharacteristics.

Initiated mainly by late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, the reform and opening-uppolicy has been carried out since the late 1970s. It has driven China's rapid economicgrowth and overall development over three decades.

With the byline of Qiu Shi, the article says the reform has opened a new realm for thecinicization of Marxism and pushed the Party and the people to emancipate thoughts,seek truth from facts and advance with the times. It has also become the dynamic fordevelopment.

It adds that the policy has sparked a historical change in relations between China andthe rest of the world, promoting the country's socialist modernization drive to adapt tothe global development trend.

"The reform and opening-up policy is in line with the common aspiration of both theParty and the people, and also conform to the historical trend," according to the article.

"Its direction and path are absolutely correct, and its effectiveness and contributionscannot be denied. Any standstill or regression will find no way out."

The article arrives ahead of the CPC's 18th National Congress, scheduled to be startedon Nov. 8. A new CPC leadership will be elected at the conference.

The article underlines the critical period of building a moderately prosperous society inall respects and the crucial stage of deepening opening up and reform andtransforming the economic development pattern. Problems and conflicts incurredduring such a period can only be resolved through deepening scientific development.

It then calls for adhering to the guidelines, principles and polices set since the ThirdPlenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee in 1978, enshrining reform andinnovative spirit into every step of state governing and pushing forward the reform andopening-up drive more consciously and steadfastly.

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