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Where Science Cannot Arrive for the Time Being, Humanity Will

In response to an article entitled From Wuhan to the World on the Weekend West on 28 March, the Chinese Consulate General in Perth would like to issue the following statement.

The origin of the novel coronavirus is a matter of science that requires scientific and professional assessment. There is a clear consensus by WHO and the international community that a virus should not be linked to any specific country, region or ethnic group and such stigmatization should be rejected.

Since the COVID-19 broke out, China has taken the most comprehensive, rigorous and thorough measures of prevention and control to fight an all-out war against the epidemic. China has been providing timely updates to the WHO and other countries and regions in an open, transparent and responsible manner, sharing the genetic sequence of the virus, conducting medical cooperation and sharing experience in diagnosis and treatment with countries including Australia. These are plain facts for all to see.

All those with conscience would recognize that China's efforts bought precious time for the international community to enhance preparedness. However, for quite a while, some people have used the pandemic to defame the efforts by the Chinese government and Chinese people to fight COVID-19 and to stigmatize China. This was met with strong indignation and firm objection from the Chinese people.

The virus knows no borders and ethnicity. It can only be defeated by the concerted efforts of all mankind. COVID-19 has taken footholds and is rapidly spreading in many parts of the world. Now is the moment for solidarity, for respecting facts and for fighting together. It is not the time to play the blame game.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres said "it is shameful to see increasing acts of racial discrimination and prejudice as we fight the COVID19 pandemic" and "we must always fight racism and prejudice".

We call upon people to stop making wrongful remarks that stigmatize China. They had better understand that confounding public opinion will not help the international efforts against the pandemic. Playing the blame game will expose certain people under the risk of racism and violence. The novel coronavirus affects everyone and needs to be tackled with joint efforts, instead of fear-mongering in a xenophobic way.

In this global fight against the coronavirus, everyone needs to respect facts, respect science, respect others and, above all, respect oneself. Because where science cannot arrive for the time being, humanity will.

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