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Consul General Dong Zhihua Met with Acting Australian Federal Police (AFP) State Manager for Western Australia and the Northern Territory

On July 2nd, Consul General Dong Zhihua met with Commander David Berston, acting AFP State Manager for Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Consul General Dong thanked and appreciated Australian police force's constant dedication in safeguarding the staff and premises of Chinese Consulate General in Perth, in protecting the lawful rights of Chinese citizens and Chinese Australians in WA as well as in bilateral cooperation with China on law enforcement. She expressed special concerns over the fact that Chinese tourists' road accident casualty and loss of belongings caused by car burglary as well as telecom fraud targeting Chinese citizens are on rise recently, and asked the Australian police to remain alert and intensify precautionary and investigation efforts. The Chinese Consulate General in Perth is willing to enhance cooperation with AFP WA office to better fend off all kinds of safety threats.

Commander Berston briefed Consul General Dong on WA security situations and duties of AFP WA office. He said that AFP views Chinese police as important law enforcement partner and both sides have carried out remarkable cooperation for many years. Western Australia welcomes Chinese tourists and WA police has interacted smoothly with local Chinese communities. AFP seeks to better communicate and collaborate with the Chinese Consulate General to ensure the safety of its staff and premises and safeguard the safety and lawful rights of Chinese citizens and Chinese Australians.

Deputy Consul General Madam Jin Qian, Consul Lyu Ruihao, Consul He Yifan and Consul Xu Bin attended the meeting.

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